It’s easy to participate:
• Meet me at the Malden Skate Park at 4 p.m. Friday, July 18, 2014, or go to your own preferred skate park/city hall plaza sometime that day.
• Wear black. T-shirts printed with words and/or pictures are fine.
• Stand at the edge of the space with other participants.
• Talk amongst yourselves about what you hate about life and how you’d like it to be different.
• Be aloof, but respectful, to non-participants.
• When satisfied that you’ve accomplished all this, depart.
• Post photos of your participation here or email them to gcook30 tat hotmail.com and I’ll share them. Please briefly note where and when you participated and what you talked about.

(Pictured at top: Top Google Image search for “Haters Gonna Hate.”)

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