picEnchantedForestProvidence140712_0967w“For Roger Williams” (pictured here) is the latest addition to my “Enchanted Forest.” It’s a 23-feet-long painting that looks like a crayon drawing scrawled on a sheet of copier paper. These photos show it in progress in my backyard and displayed in “Within Providence” at the Providence Rink at Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday, July 12, as part of a giant art map of the city.

Many thanks to Grant Archer and the folks in The Studios at Unit 2 in Providence, who organized the project and were kind enough to invite me to participate. They described the project themselves thusly:

“Imagine 30 billboard-size pieces of vinyl connected to make one giant mural that practically fills the enormous space of the skating rink. Artists throughout Rhode Island collaborated to create a map of Providence in collage form that displays their own distinct styles on one massive canvas. Throughout the day and evening, the community will be invited to ‘color in’ different sections of the map with valuable memories and experiences.”



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