The exhibition “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” at Salem State University’s Winfisky Gallery from Feb, 21 to March 10, 2023, features the individual art of three couples: David McCoy and Mary Bucci McCoy; Robert Siegelman and Mark Younkle; Linda Leslie Brown and Ari Montford.

“Art is a language unto itself and the creative process remains as mysterious as the language of love. When you put the two together, you’re in some very strange and interesting territory,” according to an introductory sign in the gallery. “The six artists in this exhibition share not only a deep involvement in the creative process but also share a personal relationship. How have their relationships affected their production as artists and vice versa? How have each couples’ individual artistic trajectory been altered in their intimate propinquity?”

The exhibition’s answer is the artworks, which could possibly suggest shared interests in, say, abstraction or the sensuality of paint or clay, but these works mostly feel very individual: Brown’s abstract ceramic and mixed media sculptures; Montford’s socially-engaged collages of Black people in outer space; Mary Bucci McCoy’s lush abstract acrylic paintings; David McCoy’s twisting ceramic tubes; Robert Siegelman’s photos of nude same-sex intimacy; Younkle’s colorful collages.

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