Join us for Bike To The Sea’s 2022 ride along the Northern Strand Community Trail, from Everett’s Madeline English School to Nahant Beach. And learn about how the rail-trail developed.

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Wonderland is a blog by Greg Cook of arts and cultures and activisms:

Wonderland Spectacle Co. produces videos and parades and festivals and all sorts of spectacles. Lead artists Kari Percival and Greg Cook hand-paint fabric banners, fashion masks out of poster board, craft puppets out of twigs and cardboard, paint murals, make fun videos, and inspire volunteers to join them in community spectacles big and tiny. And they teach others how to do these things too in their how-to workshops. Kari and Greg aim to speak up for those who have no voices and create parades that tell stories, question injustice, celebrate wonder, and advocate for all living things on earth.​​​

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This video was financially supported by a grant from the Malden Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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