As coronavirus is shutting down businesses across the region, GTI Properties—the owner and redeveloper of 19th century mill buildings buildings that house Boston’s primary gallery district in the South End—will “waive April rent for all of our retail and gallery tenants. We also provided a discount for artist studios,” GTI Director of Operations Bradley St. Amand reports.

GTI’s commercial properties in Boston’s SOWA (South of Washington) arts and design district include 450 Harrison Avenue, 460 Harrison Ave., 490 Harrison Ave., 500 Harrison Ave., 530 Harrison Ave., 540 Harrison Ave., 560 Harrison Ave., 580 Harrison Ave., 38 Wareham St. and 46 Waltham St.

“We realize this is a challenging time for everyone and that our small businesses are some of the most vulnerable and hardest hit,” St. Amand says via email. “GTI has always been a strong supporter of the small business community and understand they’re the heart and soul of this neighborhood. We are taking a hit like everyone else, but still want to do our part to help everyone get through this. We hope this will reduce some of the stress they’re all experiencing and keep everyone on their feet as we navigate through these trying times.”

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