“Bureaucrat” by Greg Cook. Ball point pen on copier paper pennants with tape and string. November 2015. For “D Gallery Presents: Made At Work 2,” a group exhibit curated by Philip von Zweck for the office of Threewalls gallery, Chicago, Nov. 7 to Dec. 12, 2015.

“Made at Work was an exhibition conceived of by Philip von Zweck and organized by von Zweck and Michael Thomas at his now storied Dogmatic Gallery in Pilsen in 1999. The premise of the show was simple:

“Artists deserve to get paid for making work. To insure that all of the artists in this show were compensated, all of the works in this show were made by artists while on the clock at their day job, generally using materials supplied by work.

“Now some 16 years later von Zweck’s D Gallery (located in his office) presents the sequel in the office of Threewalls as part of Brandon Alvendia’s exhibition The Great Good Place.

“Artists include: Holly Cahill, Greg Cook, Jacob C. Hammes, Kevin Jennings, Andy Moore, Will Staples, Shannon Stratton, Brian Taylor, Olivia Swider, and Erik Wenzel”

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