Can you help me with this, musicians, artists, writers, performers: “Are you feeling sad? The Somerville Arts Council and Greg Cook, creator of The Saddest Parade on Earth (pictured above), are looking for help putting on a giant pity party. A pity party is usually a kind of party you have by yourself to wallow in sadness—wear pajamas, binge on ice cream, listen to sad songs. Now imagine that as a block party in Union Square on the evening of Sept. 17. We’re looking for bands to play 20 minutes sets of sad songs (classic covers as well as depressing originals). We’ll provide a “back line” (amps, mics, etc.), but musicians have to bring their own drums and other instruments. We’re seeking facepainters to paint tears and other sad stuff on visitors’ faces. We’re seeking artists, writers and performers to offer sad visuals, readings and so on. We’re looking more for funny sad than sad sad, but surprise us with your best melancholia. Note: We love cockamamie ideas. To apply, email PityPartyPlanners at gmail with brief proposals (a paragraph or two), samples, links and your contact info, and fee requested. Deadline: Aug. 23.”