Welcome to the Lucky Jungle, launched by Carly Sanker. Located at 286 Broadway in Cambridge, it’s a new “Crayola-colored space next to Lamplighter Brewery selling plants and furniture” & “a community space that wants to create a maker’s space, home for music and a learning space focused on art,” according to Cambridge Day.

“The Lucky Jungle is an artist collective and live event space showcasing all of the work from local artists who have been isolated for the past year. We’re hosting open mics, providing art classes, and more for the community to come together and thrive,” according to their facebook page.

Sanker has launched a GoFundMe to “cover our rent for the entire year.”

There she describes her history: “I started designing websites for my father’s clients when I was fourteen. I was fortunate to get my first paid job as an artist when I decided to offer free portraits on Newbury St. at seventeen before starting my first semester at MassArt (http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-carly-sanker/ ). I subsequently learned 3D modeling at an internship-turned-job at Harmonix. Learning that software secured me another internship right out of college at Marvel Animation which then led me to work at Disney as a Technical Director animating shorts for Wander Over Yonder (https://youtu.be/3kQkAW1H3fk). After several jobs in the entertainment industry which had always been my dream, I still wanted to be sure that my skills were making the most positive impact- so I switched back to working in education. Alongside that experience I’ve been published as a scientific illustrator for Science Magazine, NSF.org, the Oxford Press (The Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Thermodynamics by Robert Hanlon), Apple iBooks (E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth), Advanced Materials magazine, and more. I worked for Harvard and the Smithsonian Institute as a UI/UX designer on a better interface for EOL.org, the world’s greatest resource for information about all species of life on earth. At MIT I was Artist in Residence for the CEE department under Markus Buehler. I led my own interdisciplinary research in art, category theory and materials science as a Research Affiliate for the group Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular modeling.”

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