What brings you JOY?

Seeking performers:

Join us, Wonderland Spectacle Company, in artist Nick Cave’s JOY parade on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. We’re seeking people to help present our walking spectacle of rainbow, clouds and birds that will escort Nick Cave’s inflatable sculpture from Boston Center for the Arts to Upham’s Corner (3 miles) as part of a larger parade of music and community art organized by Now+There. And there’s a very good chance you’ll get to meet Nick Cave, who will be participating in the event.

Can you join us to help express community joy with our 35 ft. rainbow banner, bird masks, and clouds on sticks? We’ve got some funding to pay small honorariums. Let us know! Families welcome, too!

Wonderland Spectacle Co. Rainbow Banner. (Greg Cook)
Wonderland Spectacle Co. Rainbow Banner. (Greg Cook)

When: Sat., Sept. 14, 10:30AM-3 PM
Where: Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street, Boston
Contact: karipercival@hotmail.com or gcook30@hotmail.com
Wear: A bright rainbow color or artful joyful costume + comfortable walking footwear
Bring: Water and snacks

Why Joy? “Cave says he has been thinking about the term ‘augment,’ this notion to ‘enhance or making things better,” and thinking about ‘things that we need to feed our souls.'”

Describing the plan to bring his sculpture from the BCA to Upham’s Corner, Cave says ‘One community moving to the other one in a sort of reconciliation manner. … I’m thinking of it as, it’s almost bridging this gap between two communities that have sort of never interfaced with each other.’ ” – Greg Cook, Wonderland