The winners of The 2018 Dorrys—“Rhode Island’s independent culture awards”—were announced some weeks back. Matthew Lawrence of Law And Order Party, the weekly listing of happenings in (or very close to) Rhode Island (sign up here), organizes the contest to celebrate the best art, music, drama, books, film, and performance from the Ocean State. Categories range from “Loud Artist of the Year” to “Quiet Artist of the Year,” and a lot of stuff in between.

The way it works is subscribers of the Law and Order Party email list were invited to submit nominations in October covering projects from Sept. 1, 2017, to Aug. 31, 2018. In late October, voting began—including picks by readers and “five juries of people who are experts in specific fields. (This prevents ballot stuffing – these awards are more than just a popularity contest!)” In late November, the following winners were announced:

Loud Artist of the Year: Churchburn
Rock Artist of the Year: Way Out
Quiet Artist of the Year: The Huntress and Holder of Hands
Folk Artist of the Year: Van Nostrand Sisters
Hip-Hop Artist of the Year: Iris Creamer
DJ of the Year: Where’s Nasty
Electronic Artist of the Year: NGHTSWM
Best Record Store: Analog Underground
Soundcloud of the Year: Peter Scartabello
Music Event of the Year: Trans Day of Visibility Fest
Best Radio Show: In the Spirit
Best Music Venue: Columbus Theatre
EP of the Year: Nova One, Secret Princess
Song of the Year: Nova One, Your Girl
Best New Artist: Lookers
Album of the Year: The Huntress and Holder of Hands, Avalon

2018 Dorrys winner for Public Art of the Year: Dana Heng's "Eat Me [in Asian Font]" at Dirt Palace.
2018 Dorrys winner for Public Art of the Year: Dana Heng’s “Eat Me [in Asian Font]” at Dirt Palace.
Solo Exhibit of the Year: Ian Cozzens: An Idea Is An Object, A Building Is A Memory
Two Artist Exhibit of the Year: Scott Lapham & Joan Wyand, Polymer Tides (AS220 Project Space)
Group Exhibit of the Year: Un/Settled, RISD Museum, Jan Howard, curator
Public Art of the Year: Dana Heng, Eat Me [in Asian Font] Dirt Palace
Historic Exhibition of the Year: HairBrained, Providence Public Library
Instagram of the Year: Nick Benson (@nixbenson)
Gallery of the Year (Commercial): ArtProv pictured: Ana Flores
Gallery of the Year (Non-Profit): AS220 Project Space pictured: gallery director Neal Walsh

Best New Play: Julia Izumi Sometimes The Rain, Sometimes the Sea
Touring Production of the Year: Fun Home Providence Performing Arts Center
Best Production Design: Keri King, The Pirates of Penzance, or the Slave of Duty (The Wilbury Group)
Best Costume Design: Meg Donnelly, The Skin of Our Teeth (The Wilbury Group)
Best Performance – Supporting: Angela Brazil as Emilia, Othello (Trinity Rep)
Best Performance – Lead: Rachael Warren as Mother Ragtime (Trinity Rep)
Curveball of the Year: Olneyville, the Operetta! Manton Avenue Project
Best Ensemble: The Pirates of Penzance, or The Slave of Duty (The Wilbury Group)
Best Director: Josh Short, The Skin of Our Teeth (The Wilbury Group)
Best Production: Twelfth Night (Burbage Theatre Company)
Company of the Year: Trinity Rep Curt Columbus, Artistic Director

Best Movie Theater: Avon Cinema
Best Film Festival: Providence Children’s Film Festival
Best Film Series: Columbus Film Club
Best Feature Film: Almost Dope (Ana Gonzalez & Jeff Matteis)
Best Short Film: Through the Red Door (South County Filmmakers)
Best Youtube Channel: Tips from a Shipwright

Best Dance Performance: Bill Evans 78 (AS220)
Best Performance Festival: Newport Music Festival
Best Classical Event: Bach to the Future (Community MusicWorks)
Best Choral Performance: Mixed Magic Exult Choir, Revival Day
Best Touring Performance: Chick Corea (FirstWorks)
Best Ensemble: Verdant Vibes
Best Performance Series: First Fridays at the Music Mansion pictured: Jen Shyu

Book of the Year – Non-Fiction: James A. Warren God, War, and Providence
Book of the Year – Fiction: Julien Ayotte Disappearance
Best Children’s Book: Etta Zasloff & Sam White, Beginning with Xs and Os: The Evoluton of the Alphabet
Best Small Book: Mary-Kim Arnold Litany for the Long Moment
Best Store for New Books: Ada Books
Best Store for Used Books: Cellar Stories
Essay or Reported Story of the Year: Daniel Denvir, The Opioid Crisis Is…
Local Publication of the Year: Uprise RI
Best Reading Series: Publicly Complex

Pictured at top: 2018 Dorrys winner for Best New Play: Julia Izumi’s “Sometimes The Rain, Sometimes the Sea.”

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