Stay in bed. Wear pajamas. Abandon all hygiene. Get sweaty hot. Get up to go to the bathroom and become teeth-chatteringly cold. Hide under the blankets until you’re feverishly hot again. Collect giant mound of tissues from blowing your nose. Drink lots of water, sometimes ginger tea, sometimes indulge with hot cocoa. Eat steamy chicken noodle soup. Contemplate the horrible taste of cough drops. Watch mind-numbing internet videos because your mind is already numbed. Nap restlessly. Enjoy work anxiety dreams. Get up to go to the bathroom and notice how you generally take your sense of balance for granted. Weave your way to the couch. Wear your winter coat indoors. Contemplate the hum of appliances. Try to assess exactly how much you’re having trouble breathing, how much your ribs ache from coughing. Worry that you’re doing to die because this year’s flu is maybe, maybe more deadly than the average flu.

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