Nancy Schön's memoir “Make Way for Nancy." (Courtesy)
Nancy Schön’s memoir “Make Way for Nancy.” (Courtesy)

“I wanted my sculptures to be outdoors in parks, where people of all ages could touch and enjoy them,” writes Nancy Schön, the West Newton artist best known for her 1987 sculpture of Mrs. Mallard and her bronze ducklings waddling through Boston’s Public Garden — inspired by Robert McCloskey’s beloved 1941 children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings.”

On the occasion of the publication this fall of her memoir, “Make Way for Nancy” (David R. Godine Publisher), I talked with her about why she makes public art, how to be an artist and a parent, the need to make your own opportunities, being sweet and tough, being ready to fail, and keeping promises.

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Nancy Schön “Make Way for Ducklings" sculptures in Boston's Public Garden. (Greg Cook)
Nancy Schön “Make Way for Ducklings” sculptures in Boston’s Public Garden. (Greg Cook)
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