Friday, February 12, 2010

Mass General plans museum

Massachusetts General Hospital is planning to create its own museum on Cambridge Street, facing Beacon Hill in downtown Boston, according to a museum director job listing the institution posted yesterday.

"The intent of the Museum is to serve the hospital of which it is a part, the medical profession and researchers, and a wider audience that includes patients, visitors and the general public," the listing explains. "The museum will also be a 'venue of distinction' for receptions, functions, and dinners. Included is the Mass General archives, which is the repository of documents and records closely associated with the history of the Mass General. Safe and secure access to the full archives and providing reading room accommodation for researchers on site is an important function of the history program."

The hospital aims to have an interim museum director on board by the start of April. Architectural planning and exhibition design are expected to get going over the next year.


Blogger Richard said...

Oh what a perfect time in our history for a healthcare institution to lay out a little build a museum! Are they on crack? Mass General already sucks up double the average amount in aid from the state for subsidized healthcare. I guess they were having a hard tome trying to figure out how to spend all of the extra $$$ during a healthcare crisis?

February 12, 2010 9:51 AM  

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