Friday, April 24, 2009

What to see at 2009 Cyberarts Fest

With the 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival offering around 70 things to see spread out all across Boston and its suburbs, who can get to it all? Below is our shortlist of what our Magic 8-Ball predicts will most likely reward your effort to get there. (Translation: This is what we’re hoping to see.)
“Virtuelle Mauer / ReConstructing the Wall,” interactive 3D installation allows you to visit Berlin Wall in mid-1980s, Goethe-Institut, April 24 to May 6.

• Mark Skwarek’s “Children of Arcadia” (pictured above), Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, 344 Broadway, 2nd floor, April 24 to May 15.

“Geyser” (pictured below) by Georgie Friedman, Boston College’s Higgins Hall, 3rd floor atrium, April 24 to May 10.

“Nourishment” by Jeffu Warmuth and Ellen Wetmore at Art Institute of Boston, April 16 to May 3.

“Carlson/Strom: New Performance Video” at DeCordova, Jan. 24 to May 17.

“Parse: Visualizing Data That Makes Us Human” at Axiom, March 27 to May 10.

“John Powell: Star Bright” interactive light sculpture, Yezerski Gallery, April 24 to May 10.

“Loops: An exhibition of open source software,” Brian Knep, Golan Levin, Casey Reas and Sosolimited rework 2001’s “Loops” digital portrait of Merce Cunningham, MIT Museum. April 25 to May 10.

“Syntax” at Photographic Resource Center, March 27 to May 10.


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