Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Boston Art Awards: Thank-yous

Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me put the Boston Art Awards together:

• The folks at Big Red and Shiny, including Matt Nash, Christian Holland and James Nadeau, who organized the party. I organized the awards, but they did the hard behind the scenes work to make last night’s celebration happen. And Matt designed the awesome poster.

• The folks at the Beehive for their hospitality.

• Francine Koslow Miller, who ran the New England AICA awards – that’s a critics’ organization – for six years, concluding last February. As I was taking on this crazy, amazing project, she offered helpful suggestions. The Boston Art Awards builds upon the foundation she laid.

• Jane Cunningham, who attended from Gloucester as The Journal’s very official photographer. Also James Manning for photographing for Big Red & Shiny.

• The critics who voted: Edgar Allen Beem, Evan Garza, Shawn Hill, Christian Holland, Francine Koslow Miller, Shirley B. Moskow, Matt Nash, Doug Norris, and me.


• All the people across New England who made nominations and who voted. More than 60 people made some 180 nominations. And some 600 people voted.


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