Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greg Cook "recommended"

The newspaper New City says “The Hall of Natural and Despicable Wonders,” featuring artwork by me and my Boston pal Kari Percival at Chicago’s Green Lantern Gallery, is “recommended”:
Cook implements American history to show us an interrelation between early American settlers’ obsession with “victory” and present day horrors of Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Cook’s phallic missile made out of bed sheets alarmingly addresses a sexual lust for war…
Read the rest here – if you dare. You can see photos of the exhibit – including my obelisk monument (not missile) – at the top of this page. And you can sample Kari's art here and here.

Greg Cook completists will want to check out my Bigfoot-themed (but unfortunately totally un-phallic) gag cartoon in the October issue of Nick Magazine, which you can buy at supermarket checkouts across this great land.


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