Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sad, sad

My pal Matt Nash has responded to one of my previous posts in which I argued that “It’s not just the number of galleries closing – but which galleries are closing.” I was responding to one of his posts.

I have one more thing to add to the discussion. Mr. Nash is trying to buck us up, which is a very worthwhile thing to do. I think he’s trying to say, let’s all take a deep breath and not get too freaked out by the Boston gallery closings, this is just the normal cycle of art life, new and exciting things will sprout up, we’ll come out fine.

In my head I pretty much agree with his analysis – though who knows what the future holds, sometimes things die and better stuff doesn’t come around. But my mind is telling me to be optimistic like Mr. Nash.

But my heart is telling me that this is the time for grieving our loss. This won’t stop our efforts to make and show and see more exciting art here. But this is the proper moment to pause and feel the sad. Tomorrow we can get back to the progress.


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