Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Irving, Doyle, McCarthy, Clover, Daltry, “Thought Process”

From my review of Mark Doyle, Eric Irving, Tim McCarthy, Sarah Clover and Jen Daltry at AS220 in Providence and “Thought Process” at the Moses Brown School’s Krause Gallery in Providence:
“When they first started doing the construction these things just started appearing,” Eric Irving tells me about the T-shaped highway support columns in his dramatic new set of color photos at AS220’s Main Gallery. Hammerhead piers is the technical term for them. They would support the relocated I-195 highway in Providence. After work, Irving would stop along Allens Avenue to photograph the concrete “monoliths” in the evening light. Standing alone, without a covering roadway deck, they read like uncanny totems.
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Mark Doyle, Eric Irving and Tim McCarthy at AS220 Main Gallery, 115 Empire St., and Sarah Clover and Jen Daltry at AS220 Project Space, 93 Mathewson St., Providence, July 7 to 27, 2008.
“Thought Process: Li Jun Lai, Llewelynn O. Fletcher, Manette Jungels and Kristen S. Street,” Krause Gallery, Moses Brown School, 250 Lloyd Ave., Providence, July 8 to Aug. 1, 2008.

Pictured from top to bottom: Eric Irving, #5860—5/21/2006 8:05:02 PM; #5909–5/23/2006 7:45:52 PM; and #6854—9/07/06 7:00:11 PM.


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