Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eagle Square and Fort Thunder

Ian Donnis of the Providence Phoenix reports that there's a community meeting tonight in Providence to discuss “what is the neighborhood impact of the Shaw’s Supermarket departure from [Providence’s] Eagle Square.” Eagle Square, you’ll remember, was the home of Fort Thunder, before they tore it down to build the Eagle Square strip mall, anchored by the Shaw’s. It was already a tragic loss. Now it ain’t even got Shaw’s. Pathetic.

Projo: “Slow sales stall Shaw’s.”
Fort Thunder at MySpace.
The Comics Reporter's typically thorough and thoughtful take on Fort Thunder.

Pictured: Brian Chippendale’s screenprint poster urging people to come to a November 2000 public meeting to save Fort Thunder: “13 acres of historic mill complex to be destroyed to make way for strip mall. Support the mills and the art community by coming to the public hearing at City Hall … It may be our only chance.”


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