Best of 2012: Seen in Providence

Our roundup of the best art we saw around greater Providence in 2012:

The fall brought bad news — R.K. Projects closed as founding duo Sam Keller and Tabitha Piseno decamped for new adventures in New York (though they’ve since announced plans to do additional projects here). In an art scene as small as Rhode Island’s, any loss is a big blow, and to lose a venue as intriguing and trailblazing as RK is bruising. But the best art shows of the year exemplify how resilient the local art world is — as projects end, new venues like 186 Carpenter sprout.

• HOMELAND “Dom,” Providence artist Agata Michalowska’s starchy installation (pictured above) at AS220′s Project Space in February, was a meditation on her childhood in Poland and home in general. A miniature house, a pile of folded gray towels, and a table set with glasses and stained saucers created a meditative, sensual, cleansed, wistful mood.

• POWER COUPLE Pawtucket couple Megan and Murray McMillan, whose video installations are among the biggest, most ambitious art being made in the region, got a mini-retrospective at Brown University’s Granoff Center in May. It was one fantastic tableau after another: towers of lamps; a couple folding sheets in a dark, flooded room; a couple riding a boat over a sea of mirror-topped tables; a room flying over a dinner party so the woman on a hammock inside could rappel down a rope to join them.

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Photo by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.

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