MA Cultural Council “disappointed” by Worcester claim of no public funding

MCC: “We can only make that case [for public arts funding] when our partners in the cultural community help us make it.”

The Massachusetts Cultural Council is responding with disappointment to Worcester Art Museum Director Matthias Waschek’s erroneous statement to the Globe that the “The MFA doesn’t get a dime, nor do we, of public money.” In fact, the Worcester museum received tens of thousands of dollars in public funding just this year.

“It’s disappointing to read that statement,” MCC spokesman Gregory Liakos writes to us. “We would never argue that the public’s investment in great institutions like WAM and the MFA is where it should be. It certainly falls far short of the kind of subsidy you see in some European countries—and the Smithsonian here in America—that allows for free general admission. That’s why we devote so much of our effort to conveying stories of the value of the nonprofit sector to the leadership on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill. But we believe MCC’s general operating support and Cultural Facilities Fund grants play a vital role in helping our cultural organizations achieve their mission. And we can only make that case when our partners in the cultural community help us make it.”

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