Brian Chippendale’s studio

Our profile of Brian Chippendale (above) is in the June issue of Juxtapoz magazine. In February, we photographed his Providence studio (sometimes known as the Hilarious Attic), which he shares with his partner, artist Jungil Hong.

Review of Brian Chippendale and Jungil Hong’s show “In Habitat” at Buonaccorsi + Agniel in 2011.
Brian Chippendale interviewed in 2008: part one and two.
Photos of Chippendale’s studio in 2008.
Review of Chippendale’s exhibit “Human Mold” at Stairwell Gallery in 2008.
A review of “Wunderground,” a 2006 survey at the RISD Museum of the Providence underground scene which starred the Fort Thunder and Dirt Palace collectives.

Pictured above Chippendale’s “The High Castle.” Studio photos by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.

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