Yes.Oui.Si gallery going on “hiatus”

We’re sorry to hear that the scrappy Boston gallery Yes.Oui.Si has announced that it will be closing, at least temporarily, beginning in June. The gallery reports:

“We are writing you to share the news that YES.OUI.SI. on 19 Vancouver st. will be taking a hiatus over the summer starting in June. First of all we would like to thank all of the artists, musicians, promoters, collectives, volunteers and guests who have helped breath life and creativity in to a once derelict basement. Together we transformed YES.OUI.SI. in to a vibrant, eclectic and much needed nexus for art and culture in Boston. Since we opened our doors in November 2010 we have curated twelve exhibitions showcasing a wide variety of work by local emerging artists, we have also hosted over 200 bands, film makers, poets, designers & performers as well as providing an affordable venue for collectives, schools and event producers who needed a space to share their initiatives.

“YES.OUI.SI. was founded by a dedicated team of artists and musicians who have volunteered their talent, time and energy to keep the space running. Based off of pure devotion to the evolving art community in Boston, we have spent the past 2 years working tirelessly to develop a safe haven for emerging artists. The time has come for the founders to branch out and personally gain perspective and experience in order to continue doing a good job supporting our mission.

“The future of YES.OUI.SI. as a physical art space is uncertain. The decision to return in the fall is contingent on the support of Boston. It is clear how integral YES.OUI.SI. is to the creative eco-system in this city. It provides young talent an opportunity to showcase their work, collaborate, and engage in a creative community. In an effort to perpetuate the triple affirmative in Boston, we are asking for your help.

“Please let us know what you think. Is it important for spaces like YES.OUI.SI. to exist in this city? What do the arts do for you and what can you do for the arts? How do artists make your city a better place to live? Do you know of an available space we can use for free? Do you know someone who would like to sponsor YES.OUI.SI.?

“Your answers will be used to help us understand how we can make the most effective contribution.”

One Response to “Yes.Oui.Si gallery going on “hiatus””

  1. David Curcio says:

    Sad but not surprising. It is pretty near impossible to break even let alone make any money running a small space in this town. Every day I read in the NY Times how the art market there remains intact, primarily due to the fairs. Smaller operations cannot begin to even consider the cost of attending even the smallest of fairs, and for that reason we remain on the outermost fringes of what is already a very small local scene. Without a non-local collector base (i.e. New Yorkers) inventory accumulates and (at least in my case at ningyo editions) the work largely goes unseen. These are the time that try our souls.