More hate for Salem’s “Bewitched” statue

Worst Public Art update

The “Bewitched” statue in Salem, Massachusetts, which was one of the nominees for our Worst Public Art in New England Project, has been named the tenth worst work of public art in the world–or something–by the folks at

“The 9-foot (2.7 meter) bronze makes actress Elizabeth Montgomery look almost greasy,” The Toronto Sun notes, while relaying the news. “Interestingly criticism of the piece ignited long before it was installed as Salem residents objected to a statue of a witch being erected in a place where people were once killed for purported witchcraft.”

“Bewitched” was beat out at number one by Seward Johnson’s “Forever Marilyn” (pictured below) in Chicago, a 26-foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe with her dress flying up to reveal her underwear.
All photos copyright by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.

One Response to “More hate for Salem’s “Bewitched” statue”

  1. Geoff Hopwood says:

    Hate for the Bewitched Statue ? Get a life if I ever got to visit Salem that’s the first thing I’d visit.