Hartford park plan would alter Carl Andre public art

“Stone Field Sculpture,” an arrangement of 36 boulders by the preeminent Minimalist sculptor Carl Andre in downtown Hartford near the Wadsworth Atheneum, could be damaged as part of a major plan to expand Hartford’s Bushnell Park, Real Art Ways director Will K. Wilkins writes in the Hartford Courant. Wilkins reports that park designers “have made an early proposal to rearrange some of the stones, and run water through a portion of ‘Stone Field.’” Andre, who was born and grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and studied at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, created the public artwork in 1977.

Update July 2: The Hartford Courant editorial board argues: “Downtown Sculpture Too Valuable to Alter … The iQuilt [park renovation] plan is a fine idea with great potential; it doesn’t need to reconfigure a famous piece of public art to succeed. … Hartford has lost too much of its physical past, too many treasures. ‘Stone Field’ is unlike anything anywhere else, a sublime piece of artistic place-making, part of city history, a must-see in downtown. It stays, as is.”

2 Responses to “Hartford park plan would alter Carl Andre public art”

  1. Edgar Allen Beem says:

    Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Tilted Arc. If the art is in the way, it needs to be moved. If altering it destroys its authenticity, then the city just needs to decide if it values owning a Carl Andre installation more than it values re-designing a public park.

  2. DD says:

    Vote. If a Piece of art is not satisfactory to me, i move it, sell it, give it away, or trash it. Why should any city be held captive by a prior admins. ” Mistake?” I myself would have been disheartened by this “art” But frankly would not have let this happen, as after 5 minutes at looking at his art, i knew his style was Not appealing to me. If the city is really that concerned with this placement art” Waste some more $$$$$ get a surveyor, & put his ART” back together at another location in the city. Maybe the dump. & next time someone wants to line up some rocks & charge you for it, take it to the people that paid for it for a Vote. The taxpayers”