St. Peter’s Fiesta

The 2011 St. Peter’s Fiesta, the annual Italian, Catholic, fishing, drinking festival in Gloucester, Massachusetts, began this week. The statue of St. Peter was carried out of the Legion Hall (above), where it had stood for the Novena’s nine days of prayer, then carried down to Beach Court and back to the St. Peter’s Club on Rogers Street on Tuesday evening. Tonight the Fiesta began in earnest with the Friday Greasy Pole Contest and opening ceremonies. (Check out our Fiesta preview here.)

2011 St. Peter’s Fiesta Saturday

2011 St. Peter’s Fiesta Sunday.

All photos by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. We’re exhibiting highlights of our photography of the past three Fiestas in the front windows of Mystery Train in Gloucester until July 3.
The statue of St. Peter is carried up Beach Court after the last evening of the Novena, Tuesday.

The St. Peter statue is returned to the St. Peter Club Tuesday night to await the formal beginning of the Fiesta on Friday.

During today’s Greasy Pole Contest, one of the later walkers wraps his fingers around the flag as he falls, but is unable to pull it off the pole.

The next walker swipes at the flag–and misses–as he loses his balance and falls from the pole.

Joey Dasilva grabs the flag–and victory.

Confetti flies into the air during the opening ceremonies at the outdoor altar in St. Peter’s Square.

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