Globe’s Smee wins Pulitzer

Sebastian Smee, art critic for The Boston Globe, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for criticism today “for his vivid and exuberant writing about art, often bringing great works to life with love and appreciation.” The prize, which is the preeminent award for newspaper journalism, comes with $10,000 cash. Globe art critic Mark Feeney won the Pulitizer Prize for criticism in 2008. This seems to make the Globe the only newspaper in America to have two full time staff Pulitzer Prize winning visual art critics.

2 Responses to “Globe’s Smee wins Pulitzer”

  1. Thomas Garvey says:

    And neither will write about their home town! :-)

  2. aartlark says:

    This was really depressing news. Now it will be harder to ask for anything more penetrating and risk-taking from area arts coverage. It’s not just a matter of his not covering enough local artists. Even his writing about international artists instructs just enough to inoculate Boston readers against further curiosity while leaving them feeling au courant.