Maine governor orders mural removed

Maine Governor Paul LePage (pictured below), a Tea Party-backed Republican who won election last November, has ordered the removal of a mural depicting Maine’s labor history from the Department of Labor office, calling the painting too “one-sided” — i.e. too pro labor, according to a report by the Lewiston Sun Journal. Judy Taylor of Mount Desert Island, Maine, painted the 36-foot public artwork (one section is reproduced above) for the lobby of the labor department’s Augusta offices in 2008 after she won a commission from the Maine Arts Commission to depict the “History of Labor in the State of Maine.”

6 Responses to “Maine governor orders mural removed”

  1. George Alexander says:

    This Governor is quite the intellectual. Now, why don’t Mainer’s acquaint him with the intellectual history of the French Revolution. Especially, the part about the guillotine and fat fucks who hate their populace. Apart from the Kansas Koch brothers, does anybody in Maine really support this turd?

  2. Pink Buddha says:

    People who don’t understand the value of art should never be allowed to make decisions about it. Especially teabaggers and republicans. But then again, the Nazi’s of 3rd Reich Germany did the same thing. Removed any art of actual value, destroyed literature, and killed the intellectuals. The mural in question is not offensive. Labor has played a large part in our industrial revolution, and in our movements toward civil rights. Art is necessary for the psychological well being of a society. To politically determine a public work of art too one sided is to reveal the lack of mental well being of one’ politic.

  3. Michael Donahue says:

    Please, do not equate–even this piece of human excrement–to the third Reich. I am completely sick of this comparison and it does no justice to the millions of people that were killed under the few years that the Nazi’s were in power in Germany. However, this doosher is a fascist pig, that’s for sure, so we will compare him to Gen. Franco of Spain. It’s a more up to date fascist comparison. Thanks.

  4. karl abramovic says:

    The fact that this elected official (public servant) advocates the removal of a mural celebrating America labor seems more in tune with fascism than anything our country stands for. In other words, he’s manipulating history for political gain.

  5. Kathie Tietze says:

    Did this guy run on reducing spending in the state’s budget? How much did it cost to do that?

    This is such a basic affront to laborers that it should immediately be overruled by a higher authority. I say take it to the Supreme Court.

    Since Labor isn’t important anymore, might as well eliminate it from the ***** Department and come up with something more politically correct.

    I hope they at least stored the murals so that they can be rehung after this dope is out of office.

    By the way, I’m a registered Republican wno’s shaking her head at the lunacy going on right now. Are the Republicans up for 2012 the best this country has to offer? Where are the statesmen? Now that we so desparately need them, where are those genius minds who founded this country?

  6. Ed says:

    This was a public relations blunder on LaPage’s part even though I agree with him in principle that it showed an unbalanced depiction of the labor movement. What I would have done is to commission another mural that showed labor’s role in building this nation i.e. building railroads, bridges, and cars or extracting minerals and metals. A teacher at the head of a classroom would also be a good depiction of labor in action. I find it paradoxical that there is an image of two figures casting a ballot because if Obama had is way, there would be no secret ballots for determining labor votes … it would all be public. Without the secret ballot, labor leaders would be able to threaten those who do not want the union. Anyway, LaPage was right but he went about this in the wrong way.