Angela Ruo

Our review of abstract oil paintings by Angela Ruo of Providence at AS220 in Providence:

“Body II” (pictured at top) features bloody horizontal scratches and crusty red bumps that bring to mind berries or scabs. The paintings have a visceral charge with all the reds that drip down like blood, but they feel too pat. The painting “Diversity” stands out with its pale turquoise and rusty browns that look like billowing clouds softly piled one atop the next. The difference between “Diversity” and the other paintings is its air of mystery.

Angela Ruo, AS220′s Main Gallery, 115 Empire St., Providence, Jan. 9 to 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “Angela Ruo”

  1. Hello Greg!
    Thank you for posting this review on your site, and for reviewing the show for the Phoenix! After reading what you’ve written, it became apparent to me that I should have found space at AS220 to include an Artist Statement so that these pieces may be better understood. I hate to think that these works are being viewed as “too pat”. Statements can be found on my website:
    Thanks again!

  2. One last note – The correct title for the painting is “Diversey”. :)