Thanksgiving at New Urban Arts

New Urban Arts, the Providence art center, celebrated Thanksgiving on Tuesday with “Artsgiving, an annual event where every person in the studio takes a name out of a hat and spends an hour making a gift for that person in the studio,” they reported. “Last night we had 65 youth, artists and even alums participate. At the end, we sit in a (very) big circle and everyone shares what they received and finds out who made their gift.” Rob Macinnis, a photography mentor at New Urban Arts, documented the event with the time-lapse video above.

One Response to “Thanksgiving at New Urban Arts”

  1. Thanks for the re-post! It may interest you to know that many of New Urban Arts’ staff and mentors, including Rob MacInnis and myself, are members of the What Cheer? Brigade.
    Rob plays trombone, and I play Sousaphone.