Worst Public Art: ‘Wall of Respect for Animals’?

A reader who would like to go by the name Raye nominates Be Sargent’s 1999 “A Wall of Respect for Animals” mural along McGrath Highway in Cambridge for our Worst Public Art in New England project (submit your own nominations):

“The mural made me giggle every time I passed it when I was going to work in 2003 (ironically, work was an art studio!). The artwork is poorly executed and laughable. The concepts do not go together (unless they are all animal supporters)–Frederick Douglass (I think!) and Elvira? I would miss it if it went away, but I think Cambridge can do better. And why is it on the side of a nut factory? Curiouser and curiouser…”

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2 Responses to “Worst Public Art: ‘Wall of Respect for Animals’?”

  1. David says:

    I like it for all the reasons you don’t. An updated, surreal Peaceable Kingdom with a bizarre cross-section of animal-rights supporters (I think that’s Bob Barker in green with the dog!) I am not saying its particularly strong art, and I’m only posting because between its 70s album cover color scheme and its reverential, semi-devotional composition (not to mention its genuinely decent message), I would be sad to see it go before any of the other nominations. Besides, most local murals would be pretty easy targets, don’t you think? And speaking of animals, has anyone railed against those awful D. Butterfield horses in Copley?

  2. rhymes with Prosecco says:

    a jolly jibe!