Worst Public Art: Kids stuff, Trolly Tunnel?

Matthew Lawrence of Providence writes in with the following nominations for our Worst Public Art in New England project (submit your own nominations):

“I would like to submit a blanket nomination for Anything Made By Children. Art education programs are great and all, but it’s really disappointing to see so much state arts funding go to hideous murals made my children when actual adults artists flee the state because there’s so little room for exposure here. (I guess I’m referring to Rhode Island specifically.) I get particularly riled up about folks who complain about graffiti in local parks, when whatever spraypaint in question is often just feet away from horrid and enormous primary-colored inspirational handprints, or whatever.

“My runner-up is the shelter at the North Main Street trolley tunnel [in Providence]. I’m not sure who made it–it’s pretty old at this point and no amount of Googling is giving me an answer–but it’s always made public transportation seem like the grimy, polluted alternative to everyone separately driving their own car.”

Read the entire list of nominations so far here.

One Response to “Worst Public Art: Kids stuff, Trolly Tunnel?”

  1. Matt says:

    As someone who catches a bus at this stop daily, I was glad to see it here. I particularly like the reproductions in tile of newspaper headlines referring to famous RI disasters. Just what you want to see when taking a bus through a century old tunnel..