Worst Public Art: Porter Square

Caleb Neelon, a Cambridge scholar and artist, nominates the following Cambridge artworks for our Worst Public Art in New England project (submit your own nominations):

The Porter Square mall shit [by Toshihiro Katayama in Cambridge]: The fuck is it trying to be? A construction site/don’t skateboard here/please randomly run into me and bark your shins trip over me or hurt yourself? Shit is awful.

I’d also like to nominate pretty much every non-David Fichter mural in Cambridge that neither me or my contemporaries did. Yeah, I said it.

4 Responses to “Worst Public Art: Porter Square”

  1. I completely agree. Porter Square is an embarrassment to urban design. They spent a year tearing it up, totally ruined the traffic flow, and created an unsightly and semi-unusable plaza filled with stripes and sharp rocks you can’t sit on. Going to Home Depot and buying $1,000 worth of trees probably would have been a better solution.

  2. donna dodson says:

    What happened to the nice Shingu sculpture they had there?

  3. donna dodson says:

    David Fichter has done some nice murals in Boston & the surrounding communities. I volunteered to help on the one near the food coop in cambridge. it was a nice process.

  4. Caleb says:

    To clarify for Donna and anyone else who had trouble with the double negatives: I like David Fichter’s mural’s. Props to David Fichter, who has done it forever and keeps at it.