AS220 at 25

AS220 in Providence marks its 25 anniversary with its big blowout Foo Fest this weekend. We marked the occasion by putting together an oral history of the nonprofit. A sample:

Scott Lapham: “We were rehabbing Empire Street and in the Perishable [Theatre] basement there was a toilet that had been abandoned because it was full of shit, like literally brimming. And it had to be removed. And nobody was touching it. And everybody was like, ‘No way. I’m not doing that.’ And then Bert [Crenca] walked downstairs with a sledgehammer. I think he announced that he was going to go do it. But he went down and I think somebody came running up the stairs to get away from it. And we just heard a huge crash and he was just shouting in horror.”

Read more here. We plan to post a more extensive version at The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research late this month.

Photo of Lightning Bolt performing at the 2009 Foo Fest, by AS220.

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