Grease pole at Festival Betances

In the grease pole contest at Festival Betances in Boston’s South End, teams of people scurry up a greased pole and each other to try to grab a Puerto Rican flag 33 feet above the pavement. Above, Team W makes its attempt. The Latino cultural celebration is organized annually by the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts.

All photos by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.
Returning camps, Team Rican, above, begin their ascent.

Nelson Montas grabs the flag for Team Rican, winning the contest. They were the only team to reach the flag today, and took home the $500 prize.

The foundation of the women’s team – the first female group to compete in the event.

The women’s team climbs.

The under-18 Team New Generation.

Team New Generation just missed grabbing the flag.

The crowd.

The champs: Team Rican. From left to right, Jermaine Alleyne, Miguel LaCourt, Andre Lozano, Nelson Montas, Jose Rodriguez, and, in front, Angel Soto.

Jermaine Alleyne of Team Rican, covered with grease just after his climb.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks for covering this event Greg. Great photos!

  2. Al Rocksalot says:

    I second that… thank you very much for covering our event.

  3. Xkwizt says:

    I Love Our Culture Nuestra Cultura