“Are you some inbred southern twit”

Below is an e-mail I received that is critical of my review of “Five from Providence” at Rhode Island College’s Bannister Gallery. I’m posting the note in full because I believe Mr. Watrous’s charges are important, though I’m not sure how he came to his conclusions. I certainly intended to be critical of the art in the show, but not of the artists’ good intentions or their race.


I am curious how your remarks related to the view of the current Bannister exhibit came to be.

Did you just choose to be ignorant for a day or is this your usual train of thought. I as a white artist of 35 years found your remarks very offensive. Personally I think you owe 4 out of the 5 artists a heart felt apology.

I felt like I was reading commentary out of a 1960′s rag. Are you some inbred southern twit that has not entered the current age of society. What is this “itchy feeling”? Have you been to the doctor yet?

From what little I have seen of your work on your pages, you are not “accomplished” by any means, you do not even reach the level of artistry of the youngest artist presented in that show. You, young man need to go find another job. You really do not know how to properly fulfill the role required to do this one.

Rich Watrous
Seekonk, Massachusetts

2 Responses to ““Are you some inbred southern twit””

  1. Daren says:

    Humorous. As a Midwesterner I have lived in both the South and new England. I can honestly say that New Englanders (for all there self-righteous arrogance) are ironically and comedically just as ignorant and inbred as the Southerners they lambaste.

    Proof: Most New Englanders never leave 100 miles from where the grew up. Great majority of NEers never go to MIT or Harvard or any other overrated Ivy league. Machismo guidos. And even see a lot of pick-up trucks with NASCAR stickers.

  2. James says:

    I’ve lived in both Georgia and in Massachusetts. Dont misunderstand this man’s response to Greg. He is from massachusetts, which is the worst state in the country. People in massachusetts are just grumpy because they are all inbred, uneducated, dirty irish whores. Never take offence to anything said by a Masshole. They are grumpy because they dont live in a normal state, or have weather of any kind. They dont need a weather channel here. I can tell this entire year’s forecast in one sentence; shitty, cold, rainless, cloudy. I’m done here.