Dodge plans NYC gallery

With Judi Rotenberg Gallery on Boston’s Newbury Street scheduled to close on June 19, the gallery’s director Kristen Dodge now says she plans to open her own Dodge Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side this September.

Dodge, who has worked at Rotenberg for six years, says, “The core of the roster will be Boston artists who are exhibiting in New York for the first time.” She plans for her first solo artist show this fall to feature Dave Cole of Providence.

Patton Hindle, Rotenberg’s gallery manager, plans to work for Dodge in New York, where Dodge says she’ll manage “artist relations, press outreach, general gallery morale, and occasional fashion tips.”

One Response to “Dodge plans NYC gallery”

  1. Trilled to know that the Judi Rotenberg Gallery doesn’t completely go away! This is great news and I will be sure to stop in at The Dodge Gallery when I am in NYC!
    (I studied with Jason Berger YEARS ago at AIB, as well as Henry Hensche in Provincetown, Wolf Kahn in Santa Fe and Janet Fish in nYC. My work is currently represented by James Gray Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.)